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Title:The white king review
Description:At Saturday’s world premiere of The White King at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, husband and wife directing duo Jorg Tittel and Alex Helfrecht claimed that it took a long time to get their debut feature off the ground. One can only assume the project was green-lit in the wake of The Hunger Games and Divergent series of films, young adult actioners with similar dystopian settings and themes, which went on to be box-office smashes and cultural phenomenons. Regrettably, The White King doesn’t come close to emulating the success of the aforementioned franchises, sabotaged by a banal script and a serious lack of thrills. Prospects for any fan following, or an eventual cult status, look bleak. A series of comic strip vignettes outline the totalitarian world of The White King during the opening credits, sparking a flash of intrigue regarding the film’s style. It soon becomes clear that this initial gimmick has little relevance or consistency with the remainder of the film, as what follows is a by-the-numbers directorial treatment from Tittel and Helfrecht. Working with what is presumably a limited budget, the production has clearly had to cut corners in its depiction of “Homeland” – the futuristic backdrop where the film takes place – much to the detriment of action set pieces and visual effects.
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